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Mission Statement

"To be a customer driven, agressive, innovative and competitive organization for its member patrons."
Proud To Be Member Owned

Dalhart Consumers is owned by its members and is democratically controlled by those members (one member, one vote).

At the end of the fiscal year, profits are returned to the members in proportion to the amount of business they did with the cooperative during that year. A portion of the profits are returned in cash, with the remainder being retained by the cooperative as members' equity, for expanding facilities or services, etc.

Members' equity is earmarked for each member in an equity account and is paid back as funds allow.

By working together in a cooperative structure, members can purchase quality goods and services at competitive prices and also market their crops competitively. When you become a member, the cooperative essentially becomes your business, working for you. In many cases, your cooperative provides goods and services that may not be available otherwise.

The board of directors is comprised of members who have been elected by their fellow members to set policies and long range goals for the cooperative on behalf of the membership. They hire the General Manager who is responsible for day-to-day operations of the co-op.

Dalhart Consumers was founded in 1933 and began by handling coal, salt and blinder twine, with the first year's sales totaling $22,000.00. The next year a fuel truck was added and in 1935 Dalhart Consumers entered the grain business by purchasing Dalhart Grain Company. Today the Coop records annual sales of $45,000,000.00. During the past 68 years, Dalhart Consumers has paid back $7 million in patronage dividends. The company is finacially strong and stable with total assets in excess of $15 million. People who believe in working together to help themselves have made this cooperative what it is today.


  • Jim Turner.....General Manager
  • Dale Barber.....Feed/Livestock Supplies
  • Cody Helms.....Petroleum/Farmstore
  • Kelly Ferguson.....Hartley Manager
  • Bryce Garrett.....Grain Merchandiser
  • Jon Joy.....Agronomy Manager
  • Joe D. Brand.....Agronomy Operations Manager
  • Ed Wilkerson.....Comptroller
  • Ken Ramold.....Dalhart & Wilco Elevator
  • Mike Fury.....Texline Manager

Board Of Directors

• Jody Bezner •

Jody Bezner is President and General Manager of Bezner Cattle & Grain Co., Texline, Texas. In cooperation with his wife Kay and their three sons, they operate 7,500 acres producing corn, wheat and forage crops. Their livestock operation consists of 400 head of cow-calf, 800 head of starter lot and 4,500 head of stockers annually. In 1997, they opened Bezner Beef, an 18,000 head commercial feedlot. Jody has also served on the Texline Independent School District Board (President 1989-Present), the Dallam County FSA Committee (President) and President of the Dalhart Consumers Fuel Association, Inc. Board of Directors. He is a past director of the Dallam-Hartley Chamber of Commerce and the XIT Rodeo and Reunion Association. Jody has been an active leader in Dallam County 4-H for over 30 years and his wife, Kay, is very active in 4-H and FCE programs.

• C.J. Unruh• 
Vice President

C.J. Unruh lives northeast of the Dalhart community. His wife is Barbara, an R.N. at Coon Memorial Hospital in Dalhart. C.J. and Barbara have three children; Clinton is 31 and a vet in Colorado, Theresa is 28, married and lives in Amarillo and Luke is 24 and married. C.J. has farmed and been a member of the Coop for 18 years. Currently, C.J. farms 2,300 acres of wheat, corn, milo and also raises cattle. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Dallam County 4-H Scholarship Committee. C.J. feels the issues that will be crucial to agriculture in the next 10 years will be new technology, new ways to market crops and new ways to produce crops. He feels the Coopcan keep the local producer informed on new products, up-to-date on crop production and be ready to supply the needs of our local producers in those areas. C.J. has been a member of the Coop board for the [ast 6 years and served as Vice President for the past 5 years. He has enjoyed working with the present Board and manager and feels the Coop and the producers face many challenges. With the board, manager and employees working together, he feels the Coop can meet those challenges and become a stronger business for our producer members.

• Floyd Franklin• 

Floyd Franklin lives in Dalhart. His wife's name is Clara Jane. They have two children, Troy and Shandi. Floyd has been farming for 37 years and has been a member of the co-op for 21 years. Floyd grows corn and seed milo. Floyd and his wife are members of the Lakeview Methodist Church where he is a trustee and on the finance committee. He is also on the Farm Bureau board. Floyd would like to serve on the co-op board to continue to be a part of the growth of Dalhart Consumers and help make it the agricultural leader in the area. Floyd feels a crucial issue in agriculture in the area over the next 10 years will be whether you can thrive and/or survive with less water. Floyd feels the co-op will need to be able to handle whatever crops the farmers may have to raise due to less water. The cooperative will also have to help keep expenses down so the farmers can afford to raise a less expensive crop.

• Bud Snead• 

Bud Snead lives in Dalhart. His wife's name is Marsha. They have three children; Rebecca Lackie, Rachel Hunter and Sarah Ralston. Bud farmed for 29 years and has been a co-op member for 28 years. Bud has a stocker and feeder operation as well as raising corn and wheat. Bud is currently Chairman of Hartley County FSA Board, is president of the Dalhart ISD School Board, has served as a Hartley County Commissioner, Bi-County Stock Show Board member and also various local and diocesan Board positions for the Episcopal Church. Bud feels that a crucial issue in agriculture in the next 10 years will be the ability for the U.S. to compete in the world through better exports. He feels that Dalhart Consumers will need to continue to position themselves to help the local farmers and ranchers to compete in the ever changing world market.

• Robert Gordon• 

Robert Gordon is 47 years old and lives in Dalhart. His wife is Patty, a teacher at Dalhart High School. Robert and Patty have three children; Jared, Kent and Valerie 19. Robert has farmed for 27 years and been a member of the Coop for 30 years. He farms irrigated corn, sorghum and wheat. Robert also has served on the Farm Bureau Board of Directors is on the Texas Corn Producers Board and has been a member of the Coop's Board of Directors for the past eight years. He feels issues that will be crucial to agriculture in the next ten years will be water, government regulations, conservation issues, marketing of crops, GMO's and crop prices. Robert wants the Coop to be involved in the storage and marketing of crops and farm products.

• Steve Brorman• 

Steve Brorman is 42 years old and lives in Dalhart. His wife is Regina and they have four children; Bo, Kent , Chase and Zane. Steve has farmed for 24 years and was a member of the Coop in Hereford for 15 years. He and his family moved to the Dalhart area from Vega in 1997. Steve has been a member of the Dalhart Coop since 1999. Steve has been a member of Dalhart Consumer's Board of Directors for the past five years. He is also involved with the Dalhart Youth Sporting Organizations and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. Steve feels the issues that will be crucial to agriculture in the next 10 years will be the water table, managaing growth and government regulations. He feels the Coop will try to grow with the community and comply with all the regulations.

• Chad Strafuss• 

Chad Strafuss lives in Dalhart. His wife's name is Charolett. They have three children; Brooklyn, Brenton and Blakely. Chad began farming in Vega in 1986. He began farming in the Hartley area in 1998 which was the year he became a member of Dalhart Consumers. Chad raises wheat and corn. Chad and his family are members of St. Anthony's Catholic Church. He is currently on the board at Farm Bureau and is a past board member of the Vega Country Club. Chad believes the crucial issues in agriculture are water, energy and irrigation. With energy costs rising and water table dropping, area farmers are going to be challenged to find ways to survive in today's agricultural setting.

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